Sunday Post: Window

Target Coffee Show Window

Target Coffee Show Window

View through window of Target Coffee Shop.
I often sit here to write, visit with friends or people watch. As an added bonus I get great views of clouds over the parking lot. Last week I noticed what looks like a lenticular cloud forming I took this shot through the Target window. My plan was to crop it down but when Jake’s Sunday Post asked for a window so I left it alone, grocery cart and all! I think it works, what do you think?

13 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Window

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    • Wow, thanks for the tip. I usually shy away from folks who “suggest” their blog but my Gravatar taking folks to the wrong blogs has always been a problem. Can I get rid of blogs on it,too?
      Big hug back


      • You are very welcome and I usually just give people links to my blog if they want to know something and just like you I don’t like it if someone just comments on my blog and leave a link to theirs just to get traffic. Try the tutorial and see if it can help in you in any way and if there is something you struggle with, you are welcome to ask. If I can help you, I will. 🙂

        Your question about “getting rid of blogs on it too” I don’t understand. Are you talking about the old blog that people are getting referred too instead of your new blog?


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