Wind surfer
1-Wind surfer sail
Wind surfer, Mount Tam and dogs with family
2-Wind surfer, Mount Tam and dogs with family
Big air
3-Big air

I almost didn’t walk out to water because it was so windy., but glad I did. We don’t usually see wind surfers at our little local beach.What a nice surprise! There was so much glare I couldn’t see my phone’s screen.  In order to capture the guy in the air, my husband would call out “now” when he went up and I would click on faith.I got one with ‘big air’ shot with this tag team technic.

Big air
4-Big air cropped for detail

Today’s Challenge is Black and White. Sure these would be pretty in color but the dramatic clouds tell a different story in B&W. Sally Donatello of Lens and Pens writes: “Black-and-white photography has an uncanny power to recreate reality”.  

Which photo tell the story you prefer?

21 thoughts

  1. #1 is a beautiful picture. But #3 and #4 really tell an Okie more about a wind surfer. Just don’t see that on Lake Ponca or Lake McAlester. lol



  2. My eye is drawn to the second photo because it tell a story, people and their dogs and the wind surfers. The photos with the surfer hanging there in the air are really spectacular. I see wind surfers all the time at our beach, but they are so hard to photograph. Cannot believe you did this with an iPhone.


    1. Didn’t even notice the dropped s. Sometimes I can’t make out comments because of type-os.
      The one you like looks really good in color. You have to be from around here to appreciate the view of Mount Tam I think.
      I think if I was planning to take photos of wind surfers I wouldn’t have done as well as I did. All accidental. He was there for only 15 min.
      I like the Fruit ART your doing keep it up!


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