Thursday (Car) Doors

Catching A Ride In The Uber Black Car

I look so good

I  Do Look So Good in Black

Turkey to Fancy Rim:

Who are you showing off for

Who are you showing off for?

Wait for us!

Wait for us!

I had fun with these captions if you think of any others I’d love to hear them.

Natural History:We usually associate the big fan-tailed turkeys with November but in nature they grow the fine feathers for spring mating season.These handsome gentleman are parading all over our neighborhood just now. I shot these turkeys  (couldn’t help the pun) on the neighbor’s lawn. They were so self-absorbed I walked right up to them with my trusty iPhone (with no backdoor for on it yet) and clicked away. Hope you enjoy them there

Car doors count for right?

Turkey crossing Video

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