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  1. A sneak peek at Spring … great perspective.
    Izzy 😎
    ps – had a diifcult time finding clementines. AND … I live in Florida … duh … oranges are always on shelves.
    Anyway, I went to the farmer’s market and was told me they were out of season. BUT … I found them yesterday at a place called Sam’s Club. I’m making that recipe … clementines can’t stop me … LOLOL


    1. Don’t you have a Trader Joe’s? They have Manderin oranges an Jo-Joe’s they are all the same as Clementines. We used Myers Lemons once. Even Tangerines will do. They are just bigger. You may have to pick out the seeds. Winter is better for these citrus for some reason. I hope this helps. Let me know
      Email if you want carol.carlisle@gmail.com


    2. Just looked up Clementine on Wikipedia. Seems that they are grown best in California. No wonder you are having a hard time finding them. I think I used Maderins for the cake I made for my daughter’s rehearsal dinner.
      Good luck

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