Wonder Wednesday Photo Challenge: “Same But Different”

Here’s 2 Photos that have something in common but are from different worlds. I came upon this car today and the bells went off here’s perfect inspiration for wondering. See below header for more about Wonder Wednesday. August 2 RGP is also Challenge I’m reposting this with her too


Photo 1


Photo 2

Now It’s your turn to show me 2 photos that are same but different or make us laugh or are Yellow…

Example:sunset-sunny side egg…flag and waving flower…

I’m linking this with  RGP    today because she asked us to tell us about our Challenge. Well it certainly is a challenge for me to step out and try to put a Challenge together.  Oh my, there are so many moving parts just in the technology alone.  And getting people to join and keeping up ideas  HELP would be appreciated

Next week Dirt or Earth

Any Questions?



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