Once I dreamed my job was to remind people of their spirit.  What better way to carry out that task than to put Light Words out into the world.  As in all things dream I am also reminding my self of my spirit each day As I write. I hope I do as much for you. 2011

When I Started Blogging in 2011 I was intending to share the meaning of life as I knew it. Now 5 years later I realize that I am learning more about life then teaching about it. My greatest joy in blogging is meeting and sharing with people from around the world. One of my teachers told our writing class in order “to create peace in the world was to listen attentively to each other.” Whether we are sharing Photos, poems or stories I do believe that is what we are doing as bloggers. Well any way that is what I want to do.

Carol Carlisle  I’m Listening

Who Am I?

I am first of all a teacher and story teller. Originally an art teacher, then English as second language teacher, then Activities leader for Seniors. Now I am retired and I write and take photographs and wonder about the meaning of life. Recently because of my experience learning from other bloggers I tech smart phone photography.

50 thoughts

  1. You are a facinating woman! the blog is beautiful and inspiring in its quest and explorations! Thank you very much for following my blog! Welcome and Love to you! Linda


  2. The stained glass is lovely, Carol. You remind me that we have two stained glass windows, still in their packaging, from Indonesia. We’re going to have to build a room around them!


  3. Hi Carol! My name is Lidiane and I’m going to stay at your house in May, next week I arrive at your house! I’ve sent you an email, but you didn’t reply me yet! I’m very excited to go to San Francisco!



  4. Carol, We will be in the Berkeley/Albany area in early June. I would love to meet you and share dinner/lunch/breakfast/coffee with you – if you would like. Let me know what you think and we can talk off-blog.


  5. Just found your blog. While I’m a relative blogger rookie, your sentiments about learning even more than your teaching even after 5 years of blogging (which must be at least 5 dog-years), really resonated with me. Looking forward to following you.


  6. Thanks so much for following Oh, the Places We See. I, too, am a retired teacher who loves photography, although the latter could use a little help! It’s fun having a blog and a place to post our pictures, don’t you think? And the best thing is meeting (virtually, of course) nice people like you. Take care and stay safe.

    Rusha Sams

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