WPC: Walls Old and New with a Cat

Antique Walls

Jack London made this wall

Jack London made this wall

Retaining Wall

WPA Retaining Wall Tilden Park

Modern Walls

Wall of apple Products

Wall of Apple Products. Test Photo after iPhone repair

Cat On the Wall

Cat On the Wall or fence

…had to include a cat picture, right?

No one seems to notice What is on the wall of Cafe Trieste

No one seems to notice what is on the wall of Caffe Trieste

Could spend all day looking at walls in my photo library; these are the ones I thought would be fun to share.

“From the interior walls of our home, to our book club’s Facebook wall, to the community bulletin board at the local market, walls are the canvases of our lives: where stories are read, voices are heard, ideas are shared”. WPC

What story seen here speaks to you?

For Weekly Photo Challenge Wall



Cee’s Which Way Challenge: Town or Country? Old or New?


San Francisco’s Castro District’s new rainbow crosswalks.



Tilden Parks WPA stone terraced path at Native Plant Garden.

Old or new, town or country, curved or straight: these paths lead somewhere interesting. Which one would you prefer?

Cee’s Which Way Challenge


This Post won an award as Featured blogger for Cee‘s Which Way Challenge. Thank you very much. So happy the rainbow cross walk was recognized!!!



WPC Symmetry in Bloom

Agave Tilden Botanical Garden

Agave Tilden Botanical Garden Late November

Same Agave this week

Same Agave this week

Weekly Photo Challenge image of Symmetry is of calm and balance mine is sharp and somewhat aggressive perhaps.   Agave besides being useful for burns is the main ingredient in tequila. Margaritas anyone?



Goat Poem

Mondrian Goat

Goat at Sunset


Goat pokes his sharp white face
into the end of day

Sheep and Cow’s evensong chorus
have awaken mild curiosity

But slit eyed wisdom

The Man with the bucket of oats
has already come and gone.

Carol Carlisle

Margo Rody  Asked us to go for a walk and be open to the unexpected. During Saturday’s ramble at the local Little Farm the setting sun hit the hillside and light up a goat single goat face magnificently! It called for a click from my camera and a poem.
Happy Tuesday!