Odd Ball Cat Stories and Photo

Five Photos Five Stories

Yellow Cat (posing here on the fence) had taken up residents in our back yard. She has appeared in other posts, in flowerbeds while lounging in the sun. Last week I noticed that she was no longer around, since she was only an occasional visitor I didn’t thin too much about her absence, but  I did miss the flashes of yellow among the nasturtiums.  We have had many kitties pass through our yard since we no longer have a dog.

Yesterday; out in the laundry room which is part of the garage, seen here, I heard a plaintive  meow. Looking around I saw no critter but called out “kitty kitty” anyway. Sure enough shy yellow kitty appeared from the behind some paint cans, waited for me to step back and skittered past me like her tail was on fire! I don’t know how long she had been there but by the number of ribs sticking out three-day at least. But there probably our no mice in the garage for now. I put water and a bit of liver sausage out for her. and now she’s back decorating my fence.

Feline vision quest is what we have come to call these periods of missing cats. Back when it rained TaTa kept getting shut up under the house when we had to check the crawl spaces sump pump, back when it rained. That winter was peppered with rain thunder and cat yowls.
Artie had the longest sojourn away from the world when he got lock in the attic after someone after retrieved a suitcase and he went in when no one was looking. We were gone for a week. Being part Siamese she had a lot to say about her time in solitary confinement. We always wonder if he achieved enlightenment, but aren’t cats already highly evolved beings?  

Have your critters been on visions quests?


I want to thank Raewyns Decocrafts and Surfer Girl Terri Webster Scharndt for nominating me to do the 5 Photo 5 Stories  Challenge this is #2 the rose story was #1

Iam suppose to nominate someone else but I think most of you have already done this challenge so let me know if you haven’t and I’ll give you a pingback.

WPC: Walls Old and New with a Cat

Antique Walls

Jack London made this wall

Jack London made this wall

Retaining Wall

WPA Retaining Wall Tilden Park

Modern Walls

Wall of apple Products

Wall of Apple Products. Test Photo after iPhone repair

Cat On the Wall

Cat On the Wall or fence

…had to include a cat picture, right?

No one seems to notice What is on the wall of Cafe Trieste

No one seems to notice what is on the wall of Caffe Trieste

Could spend all day looking at walls in my photo library; these are the ones I thought would be fun to share.

“From the interior walls of our home, to our book club’s Facebook wall, to the community bulletin board at the local market, walls are the canvases of our lives: where stories are read, voices are heard, ideas are shared”. WPC

What story seen here speaks to you?

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Phoneography: Saturated and Focus in the Garden The Rain Has Come

Cactus flower

1-Into the Center of a Cactus flower


Cactus Flower

Christmas Cactus fallows
The season imperative,
blooming an early December morn
I have images of this blooming cactus
on both solstices: Summer and Winter.
Today it added another color to my plain garden
gathering a green mantel round its shoulders and shivers.
A shooting star burning too bright, too fast, too soon
The return to life’s as promise must wait
the tilt toward dark still skies
must be completed, then
and only then,
we are free to
Light fires, ring bells
and wish one another
A Merry Yule!

Carol Carlisle
Poem expanded from a few lines on Monday for Margo Rody’s  Holiday’s Tuesday Tryout poetry prompt.


Yellow Mouser’s  Focus cannot be broken

Yes GREEN for winter to be expected, and hoped for in Norther California gardens, and hillsides.

Hope each and everyone had much to be grateful for this weekend!

Tell me what you think.

I have more question for you my Phoneographers: I will begin teaching a Beginning Smart Phone photography class at the Albany Senior Center starting in January and I would love to pick your brains (if I may) my talented smartphone photographer friends.

1.What would you like to learn if you to learn if you were just starting out to take photos with your new phone?
2.What did you learn that was the most help?
3.How is phoneogrphy different from camera photography?

Oh Dear that’s a lot to ask  but any thoughts would be helpful, Thank YOU!
And any local folks are welcome to join or come by to join in our photo safaris just let me know.










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Endearing Kitties Fill My Backyard and My Heart

Backyard Cat Update

Where’s My Backpack had the prompt “Endearing” so I’m using this as chance to update the story of Daffodil-Archie-Sardine. She is the kitty that showed up in my backyard in the Spring and took over the space and our hearts. She so wanted to come in and live with us however I’m too allergic for that to ever happen 😦  I put out water and a few treats but she had a collar so I knew she had a home. I found her owner through the neighborhood Email tree and discovered they were looking for a home for her because she was being abused by her brother. Oh and that they called her Sardine. Last week they called and said a new home had been found and she would be called Sushi.
I barely had time to miss her sweet face at my back door when Turk showed up. This gals very shy, thinks she’s camouflaged herself next to the planter but we know she’s there. And of course she has quickly worked her way into our hearts and is ever so endearing

At the back door

Sweet face at the back door

Two reasons for the name Turk. One-I use to have a cat named Turk who looks just like her. Two-She shares the yard with the local feral, not so endearing, turkeys. See my last weeks Phoneograph post for more turkeys.

Phoneography: Black and White Monday with Wires and a Cat

A Symphony of Wires

Symphony of wires

1.Symphony of wires first movement just as they are from (iPhone 4s)

Wires Glazed 2nd movement

2. Wires  2nd movement Glazed and confused ( iPhone 4s)

Suttro Towers

3.Sutro Tower Finale  the source of all wires  (iPhone4s)

Last Monday the wires in my sunrise photo disturbed folks so I learned how to remove them. This week I celebrate wires.  On 20th above Castro in San Francisco there is a cacophony of wires in front of beautiful Painted Lady Victorians, so much so, it’s almost impossible to photograph the houses without the wires; so what the heck I photograph the wires!

Which Photo do you like or what about a Cat Photo?

One annoyed cat Archie

4-One annoyed Archie

I Know it’s suppose to be black and white day but indulge me, I like this photo!

I Know it's suppose to be black and white day but I like this photo

5- Really annoyed cat.

She looks sort of wired 😉
Yes I found Archie’s owner and she’s a he. Named Sardine. I can’t bring myself to call this pretty little girl that so I call her Archielina. I’m up for name suggestions because she still seems to live in my backyard 90% of the time.

Happy Monday For a train trip Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Black and White (Train to Berkeley, California)

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