Five Shades of Purple

Purple Sunset SF Bay

Purple Sunset SF Bay

Friends let friends wear purple

Friends let friends wear purple

One world festival, El Cerrito

One World festival, El Cerrito

Okay it may be a purple filter but it works

New Purple hiking shoes

My New Purple hiking shoes

Eggplant flower

Eggplant flower from my back porch

Where’s My Backpack suggested Travel Theme Purple but I only traveled three miles for any of these photos. Maybe when my hiking shoes get broken in I’ll go further…What’s purple in your world?

Nurturing Today and Every Day!!!

photo 2


“Kindness to you is kindness to me; kindness to me is kindness to you. It’s a genuine – and beautiful – two-way street…

“Deliberately do a small thing that feeds you – a little rest, some exercise, some time for yourself – and then notice how this affects your relationships. Notice how healthy boundaries in relationships helps prevent you from getting used up or angry and eventually needing to withdraw.”

Just a few words from this weeks “Just One Thing” by Rick Hanson’s that seemed to match the photo of our student Lidi playing with the outside cat now called Archie. I enjoyed putting this together I hope it is good for you as well ❤

Happy Nurturing Thursday and Friday and all week.