Nurturing Thursday: Embracing Creativity and Fun in The New Year


Everyone Has Cow Cake For New Years Eve Right?

My daughter, her friend and I made this cake for the friends mother’s 60th birthday! She got the cake but I got the giggly fun, Oreos and  shredded coconut all over my kitchen 😀

Woke up the next morning to a bright new year!

Sunrise New Years Day

The sun rose bright New Years Day.

Then off to a long-standing party where we all are over 60, where we symbolically burned  our old year and lit candles for the new year. My banner photo is of last years candles. Many of us have had or are waiting to have hips, knees or other parts replaced. One woman, Toni, commissioned our friend and musician John McCord to write a song for her hip replacement! Sing along if you like! Click on title of blog and open in server to view video.

And I created and published a You Tube Video!!!

Happy New Year! May 2014 be fretless!

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Daily Post: Help FromThe Magical Hands of Bobby Black

Bobby Black Peddle steal

Bobby Black on Peddle Steal guitar.

Daily Post asked for us to show Help. I’m stretching it but I believe the musicians that play back up with a singer do a lot more more than just help. Bobby Black has played with the likes of Commander Cody and The New Riders of the Purple Sage so we were thrilled to hear him play with our friend John McCord at John’s CD release party Saturday night. You can hear John’s new songs on CD Baby. Now here is Bobby Black on his own.

Phototography notes: iphone4s edited with Phototaoster and Snapseed.