Weekly Photo Challenge: The Shy Cat Enters!

Delphin On deck

Daffodil  On deck (I wonder if she is a 6 toed cat??

On the threshold

On the threshold still undecided…


She graces me with her presence …! Here’s looking at you!

This pretty lady has been lurking around our backyard for a number of days. Yesterday she graced us with her presence, caught here on “film.”  Why Daffodil? She showed up about the same time the Daffodils began to bloom, of course.

Seems, everyone at one time or another, everyone does cat post I’m so happy to have the opportunity to expresses my admiration for a fury friend thanks to Weekly Photo Challenge Three. I am a dog person sans dog for the moment.

Which are you Dog Person or Cat Person?

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Have you seen this sign?

When I see it I always think:

“if I run around and knock over a couple of chairs, will they give me an Australian Shepperd puppy…house broken with all her shots? Oh, and please put my coffee in a to go cup.”

What would you misbehave for?