Phoneography: Autumn Flames

Canna Lear

1-Flaming  Canna Leaf

Succulent ablaze

2-Succulent ablaze

Roger's Red smolders

3-Roger’s Red grape smolders

I went to the internet to find a quote for Autumn flame or flaming and it seems there is a cottage industry of images of bright red and orange foliage. So this week I add my leaves to the pile.  Where I am flaming fall is not a metaphor, with fires burning and temperatures climbing everything seems to be aflame.  I hope my weekly mantra of hot and dry changes soon.

Which images burns brightest for you?

Lens and Pens

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Phoneography: A Succulent Start To December

. 1. Succulent in the sun shine.

. 1.Flame succulent.

2. Star and stone

2. Star and stones.

3.Teddybear succulent.

3.Teddybear succulent.

4. Sticky Succulent with spider webs, I didn't even see them till I looked at the photo.

4. Sticky Succulent with spider webs, I didn’t even see them till I looked at the photo.

I don’t really know any of the names of these beauties, because a friend passed these on to me, and she got them from a friend. That’s how my mother and her mother gardened. I love those kind of neighborly traditions. Sure beats the new tradition of shopping on Thanksgiving.

Photo Notes: Singing “On the First Day of December…” while snapping pictures with my iPhone 4s yesterday. Edited with Phototoaster. Do you have a favorite?

For Lens and Pens Photo Challenge Nature. She has some beautiful photos with wise thoughts on nature in crisis.Worth taking a look. Happy Monday.