Let Us Sing of Gratitde For Having Enough To Give Back

All week I offered reasons to be grateful  and today we gather together to celebrate our abundance. In a world where many still go hungry, yesterday Smoky gives us an opportunity to Feed the Hungry with a click of  the mouse  if you haven’t already please visit her site.


I have been trying to read
the script cut in these hills—
a language carved in the shimmer of stubble
and the solid lines of soil, spoken
in the thud of apples falling
and the rasp of corn stalks finally bare.

The pheasants shout it with a rusty creak
as they gather in the fallen grain,
the blackbirds sing it
over their shoulders in parting,
and gold leaf illuminates the manuscript
where it is written in the trees.

Transcribed onto my human tongue
I believe it might sound like a lullaby,
or the simplest grace at table.
Across the gathering stillness
simply this: “For all that we have received,
dear God, make us truly grateful.”

~ Lynn Ungar ~

(Blessing the Bread)