As the sun continues to warm the May Earth every all things become animated including this poem I wrote a while ago, it  just fell out of my note book, perhaps wishing to be set free.

If Susan Boulet Creatures Spoke They Would Say

We are fur and feathers and

flesh glittering over the marsh

of  your desires we

send up offerings

into the daylight animated

shivering in delight

we are longings

from the deepest well

released set free


As Told to Carol Carlilse

14 thoughts

  1. I don’t know which I like better–the poem itself, or the image of it falling from your notebook, “wishing to be set free.” 😎


  2. We have a local artist who does paintings like those of Susan Boulet. They are beautiful. We have one of her paintings. Wish I could afford another or more. Enjoyed your poem Carol Lee.



    1. Susan Boulet lived locally here. I never could afford one but I have prints and calendars. I’m glad you support the artist and like my poem Neal Dean 😉


  3. Love the video; I’m a big fan of LIsa Gerrard (she sang in the soundtrack of “Gladiator” and the group “Dead Can Dance”) and Jeff Rona has done many soundtracks, neat guy. Lovely poem, Carol.


    1. Wow, I knew nothing about the music except I liked it and it was the best fit for the poem. This is what I love about the blog world,a place where we become woven together. Thank you. Carol


      1. I was born in the chinese year of the rat,i have a real affinity for wolves but the answer that often pops in my head is… well… a giraffe.( I do tend to stick my neck out and am frequently nonverbal.) And you?


        1. I knew You would ask that. What do I resemble? My daughter and husband often accuse me of having a Chicken on my head because I have so much fluffy hair and I was born in the year of the rooster. Animals have an affinity for …all creatures k9 wolves, foxes and Mr. Tricky himself coyote. I’m always getting tripped up by my own doing 😉


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