Red Plum at Sunset
Red Plum coming down from the Berkeley hills


on Thousand Oaks at sunset

the sun bounces off the Bay

just so and

splashes the world in orange and gold

and green.

No need to wait for the fourth of July

to see fireworks.

I dare you to

drive West at sunset

down Thousand Oaks Boulevard

you’ll be blinded like Paul

but you’ll know

you are alive.

Carol Carlisle

I remixed into a poem the caption form this picture I posted today on my photo blog Slam on the Brakes Pull over Take the picture.  Do you think it works?

4 thoughts

  1. The plants, shrubs and trees this time of year just amaze me. It reminds me of what God has done for us to see. Just so unreal. I don’t think I enjoyed it when I was young, but now that I (we) are old(er) we seem to realize the beauty of our world.


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