The Mandala


The center holds all there is to know

the shape of grandparent root,

the now of petals letting go

 making room for rain washed fruit,

a place to focus,

a place to hold our promise to

stay true with

steady hands and hearts.

Our earth our home our center.

Carol Carlisle

What promise can you make to hold our planet safe? Remember we can only make a better world when we all share the weight. I was reminded of this yeaterday at a house concert when we sang “Take the Load Off Fanny,  Annie or is it Grannie”?

Ms Q ‘s fun site suggested Earth day.

11 thoughts

    1. Oh you think that a mandala is a kind of plum tree…No it is a circular design often used for meditation that helps folks center and focus. I’m sure if you look there are mandalas around. For example,the blue icon by your comment is a mandala. Once an art teacher always an art teacher.


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