With all Visible Planets in the sign of Mercury it is time to sparkle and evolve!

Light Words

Celestine Prophesy, Age of Aquarius and Particle Physics all suggest that we humans will eventually become light beings. Far fetched and woo-woo as that seems if we are really made of of tiny atoms spinning around with lots of space between each one we may not be as solid as we think. So my idea of The Next Big Thing is: that we beings who can reflect and use thumbs,will take the next step in evolution and start taking ourselves more lightly! So what I guess I’m saying The Next Big Thing would be Human Evolution. It may not be hover boards or space ships but it is something we all have access to. Peace, Loving Kindness and knowledge that we are made of stardust is certainly on my drawing board. Who else is ready to sparkle?

Daily Post The Next Big Thing 

Other Next Big Things:



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