Time To Relax and Play


Setting up for National Night Out.

One of the best ways I know to stay healthily and nurtured is to pay attention to the seasons. Eat the food in season participate in activities and events going on around us. Today is National Night Out in the US. It Started as a public safety campaign but has turned into street parties around the country, where neighbors get out and enjoy each others company. I look forward to relaxing and playing with my neighbors.

August 1st Is Lammas

Everyone gets into the act of harvesting

Everyone gets into the act of harvesting!

On Lammas, Summer thrives, fully ripe. Are you ready to taste the First Fruits? We’ve reached the peak of our toil to bring our seeds, lives, dreams and causes to fruition. All gardens of life, worked with skill and love or ignorance and fear, hint of the harvest. The Wheel turns. We’re descending into dark even as the sun still glows. We’re hovering between hopes and fears in the swelter of August. With results uncertain in singular and collective lives, the task now is to Trust. In circle, unwind and sing! Chant fears into silly songs and sing hopes, sweet and wistful. Don’t be fooled into anxiety, which only creates more of itself. Better to relax and Play! Enjoy the warmth of the second half of Summer.— Marion Spadone © Mother Tongue Ink 2012,

August 1st is also Rabbit Day: I’ve been told that you will have good luck all month if you say:

Happy Rabbit Day!

Happy Rabbit Day!

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit before your feet hit the floor on the first of each month. Since you’re getting this news late I’m sure it will work it you go back to bed and start over, and why not the prim directive today is to relax and play 😉

28 thoughts on “Time To Relax and Play

  1. Ah, rabbits! Not so keen on the little blighters when they eat our greens in summer and decimate the garden in winter by chewing every edible leaf. Though the hares are even worse at that – they can rear further on their hind legs.


  2. I hadn’t heard of rabbit day — but I do know what it is like to have my thoughts hop around from point to point. Sometimes, I wonder how I get things done! LOL 😀

    Thank you for linking to Nurturing Thursday!


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  6. Lammas – thanks for the reminder. I’m not a hot weather lover, but high summer is a special time of greenery and lushness.


  7. Oh Carol, I can’t believe you know the Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit chant – my mother does this the first of every month without fail – didn’t know that anyone else knew about it. Maybe I’ll try it 🙂 Thanks for a lovely post; you are the second person who has mentioned Lammas – sounds like a wonderful celebration to me 🙂


    • I heard about the Rabbit cubed chant from a very old New Orleans storyteller some years back and have been trying to do it . Whether it works or not it is a better way to pay attention to the first of the month then just the day when bills are due. Think of Lammas as the opposite of Candlemass or Goundhogs day. Now we celebrate days getting shorter.


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