View of San Francisco on Christmas Day.


View of the Bridge after we got there. Fun ride until we realized we were hungry oh then it was Mr Toads Wild ride through San Francisco looking for a place to eat where there was parking. Oh yes Chinese food of course! No pictures. To tired, but a view of the lights that we were following!

What light drew you out of your winter cave ?

Now if you want to stay in here’s a good idea for a Spa Day from the curator of Nurturing Thursday Becca Givens.

16 thoughts

  1. Oh…beautiful lights! You must have been in a tall building or on a hill???? We were tin SF on Saturday evening and were wowed by the lights on the buildings and Bay Bridge, too! We ate at a restaurant called Plant, right at Pier 3, next door to the Ferry Building….yummy food!…and such a light show! I left the cave!!!!! wow!!!


    1. We were on the 12th floor of The Hyatt Regency right across from the Ferry Building. One daughter was staying there and and the other works near by. I’ll have to look up Plant since we are down there often. We ended up way out in the outer Richmond at a Taiwanese Resteraunt .
      The neighborhood lights have been gorgeous this year!


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