Singers: I'm second from the left with my mouth open
Singers: I’m second from the left with my mouth wide open!

Three times today I’ve seen notices that it National Singing Day. Three times I’ve been corrected that it is National Signing Day can you see the difference? I, and my dyslexia, still can’t.  The Husband is shock that I didn’t know that today colleges sign up high school football players.

I Googled it, it’s real, but I say “SO!” I think it still should be National Singing Day, a day when everyone sings, croaks, or carols to their heart’s content, in the shower, out on the street, with friends, alone or on stage in front of millions. Today we are all can be a star in our own musical!  Let’s start a movement, every year on National Signing Day for the rest of us it will bel National SINGING DAY! Pass it on!

What do you think? What will you sing?

P.S. Tonight is Hollywood Week on American Idol we will be watching for our local favorite singer David Luning that I told you about last week.

17 thoughts

  1. Absolutely LOVE THIS!! Singing and signing. Two opposite ends of the spectrum…almost. I never knew what “signing day “was being a fb illiterate. Now I am enlightened…..


  2. Funny Carol,singing day is better, than signing day,…its little boring I think.But when I want to sing its possible only in my car 🙂 you have sing group, its great, send me please some of your song


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