Allergies A Seasonal Sport



allergy season came often and

always too soon.

It began with

sniffles and snorts

trumpets and sneezes


keeping kleenex up her sleev-es

became a serious sport.

We could hear my mother’s trumpet,

 volley and report

clear cross the street

and around the corner at the volley ball court.

That’s a sound I can’t forget

for now I have joined team

 extreem sneezers!

© Carol Carlisle 3/25/14

Since my allergies started going hay wire yesterday, I planned to give you some fun facts about allergies today and lo and behold Margo Rody gave a poetry challenge with Almost Human animal pictures from Time FLach. His elephant photo (go see the other his other animals) was just what I needed for an attention getter and conversation starter.

Four Fun Facts About Allergies and Rain and Thunder Storms from Dr. Carr on the Weather Channel

We often think rain often washes pollen out of the environment, but first, it bursts pollen particles, spreading allergens farther…

  1. “During a rainstorm, the pollen in your environment gets saturated and fractures, releasing small particles into the air at a much higher concentration,” he explained. “When patients inhale them it causes a syndrome called ‘thunderclap asthma.'”
  2. Then, there’s an allergic reaction in the lungs, causing asthma symptoms, or for those without asthma, allergy symptoms in the upper airways, he said.
  3. Ninety-five percent of people with asthma also have allergies, Dr. Carr said. Rainstorms can produce serious respiratory symptoms for them, so patients should anticipate this, and be prepared with the proper asthma and/or allergy medication.
  4. Besides medical therapies, there are non-medical steps you can take to lessen the effect of rain on your allergies, Dr. Carr said. “Limit your pollen exposure: Roll up the windows in your car or home, run a fan at home to circulate air through your house. When you’re outdoors, pollen is falling on you, so take a shower every night, so you’re not sleeping in what you’re allergic to,” he said.

Hope this was helpful. I’m inside with an air purifier today waiting for rain and a T-storm. Do you have allergies and how do you cope?

6 day till NATIONAL POETRY MONTH! Are you ready for A Poem A Day?

18 thoughts

  1. I love the image you chose and what you did with the topic. When you mentioned your mother, I had the clearest image because of the elephant waving his trunk. Cool. I hope you don’t suffer long. I don’t have the coughing, yet, but my eyelids are going nuts.


    1. Yesterday the eyes started the itching, It helps to keep track of the pollen…Hope you stay healthy…
      I went right to that elephant image, there are so many other thing to do with it, too. Fire hose, running through the sprinkler…
      All the images hypnotic as well as museum quality art work.
      Still laughing about the naked Mexican chicken.


  2. What an excellent play on words and opportunity to move on some seasonal topics of allergies…right on time, I must be because I was thinking about this today, too!! 🙂 Good luck to us all allergy sufferers.


    1. It seems no matter the weather in the whole country suddenly we’re all sharing the same affliction. Brings us closer perhaps. I too hope we all survive.
      Warming up my word play for April’s poetry Challenge!!
      Are you going to participate?


      1. Yes, it does seem that way, Carol…

        I am going to be playing along @ Poetic Asides and Real Toads and Creative Bloomings…I see that Margo and Ms. Qiuckly will be offering something daily but that is my list in order of priority…at least for this year…

        I hope to at least write and post two a day and then snag some extras when I can. 🙂

        Where will you be playing poetry?


  3. As my eyes are watering now, I think of that elephant as me!! Gee . . . shrubs and trees are finally (FINALLY) starting to bloom around here and were still having cold and frost down here. Been covering a couple of bushes each night. Hopefully won’t have to do it anymore!! (sneeze/snort) Enjoyed your blog today.



  4. Lovely poem about allergies! 🙂 I find that taking Quercetin which is a flavonoid helps greatly. It is known as a natural antihistamine


      1. Hope that helps 🙂

        I really love this poem about allergies and want to share it with my readers. May I ask for your permission to repost this poem on my allergy blog with full credit directed to you/your blog? Thanks!

        p/s: i have already shared this post link on twitter 🙂


        1. I am honored. Please go ahead and pass on my post I hope it helps some one. I found an app, Pollen.com, that helps me keep track of the allergy triggers.
          Wow I’m on twitter. I’ll have to dust off my twitter account and find it.
          Will your gravitar direct me to your site?


          1. Many thanks for granting that permission 🙂 Yea, I have the pollen.com allergy forecast tool on my blog as well, should be pretty useful for those with seasonal allergies.

            I twitted this blog post link, but was unable to find your twitter name to go with it. If you could let me know, I could re-twitt again with your twitter name.

            Yes, the gravitar directs you to my blog, in case it doesn’t : http://www.sneezyblues.com/


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