Yellow bird in the apple tree
Yellow bird in the apple tree

Refugee in the Apple Tree

On this one morning

I hide in the kitchen

I hold my breath as

I peer out from behind glass

I offer no assistance.

 The yellow bird

comes only once a year.

then moves on.

Carol Carlisle 3/30/14

Oriole or Gold finch?


Weekly Shoot and Quote Awakening

Prompt 31 – AWAKENING

It is possible to experience an awakening in this life through realising just how precious each moment, each mental process, and each breath truly is. /Christy Turlington/

What wakes you up?


14 thoughts

  1. I’m thinking an oriole. I have one that comes once a year and actually drinks out of our hummingbird feeder of all things. What a cheerful thing to awaken to. I’m awakened in the morning by a cat and a dog telling me it’s time to meditate (after their breakfast of course) 😉


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