1.Waiting. The topography of a table top
Oh no They got you!!!
2.Oh no They got you!!!

Topography studies surface features that examine the relationship between the sum of the parts. In aerial views, for example, natural elements seem world’s apart from their above-ground archaeology.  From Lens and Pens by Sally

Today’s challenge was macro photography landscapes.

Sun Captured in a puddle
3 .Sun captured in a puddle
4. One More Puddle
4. One More Puddle

Hope everyone takes the opportunity to hop out and see the Red Moon Tonight.

Now which photo here makes you want to jump and down?

Other entries for this week’s challenge:





16 thoughts

  1. I am fascinated by that first puddle shot. I would never have guessed that’s what it was. It’s really striking and abstract… the black and white almost gives a moon feel to these two rather than sun. Wonderful job! And I’m sending you all sorts of wellness vibes for your surgery and recovery. ~~~~ ❤ ~~~~~


  2. that last one looks like it might have been taken on the moon which seems very fitting in view of last night’s beautiful moon shining down on us. No eclipse on this side of the Atlantic.


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