Earths elementsLight And Water Wrote this Poem I Added Words

Boulders, ripples,

layers of birds bobbing

near water’s edge

still, moving, elemental

canyons of time

brushed across Earth’s

waiting rice paper skin.

What will I love?

How do I say farewell?

Carol Carlisle

I Must Say Farewell Early:This is probably the last real poem I write for April’s Poetry Writing unless I get up very early tomorrow because the hip replacement surgery I wrote a charm for earlier this month finally was scheduled for this April 28th. Yeah Hip! Hip! Hooray!!
Just to feel I completed the month I may pre-write two more poems and have a friend post them. I don’t know if they will be linked to NaPoWriMo  so for now I so say farewell and express my gratitude for all the support and new friendships. I hope we will see one another anon.

Today’s prompt was to write a poem from a poem from a photograph. I chose my own photo of low tide at Point Isabel in SF Bay.

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