Evolution of a Texture

View 2 Glazws
View 1  Glazed
View 3
View 3 Glazed
Wiker seat
View 3 Original Wicker bar stool  seat

I’m not going very far from home these days while I wait for my new hip to get strong. I photograph what is around the house. This forced me to notice the interesting wicker seat patterns. I transformed them with the Glaze app to create these abstract paintings.

Which do you like best?

Lens and Pens


11 thoughts

  1. Hi! Welcome back – I have missed you. Hope that your new bionic hip is strong soon so that you can be back out dancing!


  2. Neat photos. Glad to have “the little girl next door” back and blogging again. Before long you will be “tip toeing thru the tulips”.



  3. Nice painting without a brush… using only the button on the camera … I would also like to learn … I like the second one 🙂


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