1. Two Faces in the Garden
1. Two Faces in the Garden

I couldn’t resist a selfie with the pink garden princess. In full native camera it had no  impact. Putting it through Phototoaster suddenly on Grunge setting there was a relationship between these two woman: the camera interrupted an important conversation perhaps.

2. The whole garden.
2. The whole garden. With Princess

I Have fun taking a very busy photo and cropping out interesting parts for more pictures. Which one do you like?

3. Just the Hollyhocks from picture above
3. Just the Hollyhocks from picture above. Hollyhocks say summer to me!

I brought home 2 new hollyhocks to plant along with the sunflowers. Hope to have a great show by July.

4. Garden Princess. Can you find the cow?
4. Garden Princess. Can you find the cow?

Of course these would be bright cheerful photos in color but I do believe we spend more time looking at them in Black and White. Not quite sure why? That is the mystery of photography.
One more picture just to give you the full experience of a visit to Annie’s Annuals. I encourage you to visit her web site. The Photo’s of plants and and gardens our astonishing.

5. The Rooster: You know who's in charge here.
5. The Rooster: You know who’s in charge here.

Love to here which photo strikes you fancy today.

Lens and Pens has beautiful back and white cloud photos today.

Other photographers for Lens and Pens Challenge:





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  1. I like the crop of the Garden Princess! What fun to have these in a garden… (yes I see the cow). I also love your selfie… perfect to run it through Phototoaster.


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