A Symphony of Wires

Symphony of wires
1.Symphony of wires first movement just as they are from (iPhone 4s)
Wires Glazed 2nd movement
2. Wires  2nd movement Glazed and confused ( iPhone 4s)
Suttro Towers
3.Sutro Tower Finale  the source of all wires  (iPhone4s)

Last Monday the wires in my sunrise photo disturbed folks so I learned how to remove them. This week I celebrate wires.  On 20th above Castro in San Francisco there is a cacophony of wires in front of beautiful Painted Lady Victorians, so much so, it’s almost impossible to photograph the houses without the wires; so what the heck I photograph the wires!

Which Photo do you like or what about a Cat Photo?

One annoyed cat Archie
4-One annoyed Archie

I Know it’s suppose to be black and white day but indulge me, I like this photo!

I Know it's suppose to be black and white day but I like this photo
5- Really annoyed cat.

She looks sort of wired 😉
Yes I found Archie’s owner and she’s a he. Named Sardine. I can’t bring myself to call this pretty little girl that so I call her Archielina. I’m up for name suggestions because she still seems to live in my backyard 90% of the time.

Happy Monday For a train trip Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Black and White (Train to Berkeley, California)

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26 thoughts

  1. The maze of wires reminded me of the shots years, years, and years ago of pictures taken across the roof tops of homes. No cable or satellites back then. All you could see were television antenna’s on almost every roof. I always thought that was a neat shot. No more television antenna’s, but the mazes of wires on the highlines are still their in a lot of places. They are all underground where we live, but most of the city still has them. lol
    Good pictures Carol.



    1. Out there, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains, I imagine that underground wires are essential! We have too many hills and narrow streets it will never happen. In SF some of the cables are street car connectors.
      Sounds like a neat shot indeed! Collectors item should be in a museum!


  2. Love that – source of all wires 🙂 I like the street shot with the sharp focused ‘stop’ on the road.
    The colored kitty is great.


  3. aloha Carol. yes, wires. some places they have to be above ground. it’s that way where i live too. once i get beyond the “can’t take a photo without the wire’s sometimes” state of photos here i can see a beauty in the way wires are strong and the abstract qualities of line they seem to lean toward. so fun on photographing them.

    and as to the cat: what do you mean YOUR backyard? (sorry, cat humor is fun). aloha.


      1. I have probably a few dozen photographs of just wires. I may have worked for presentation on a few. more when there is a bird or shoes or something on the wires. and a lot more of the poles that hold the wires. those truly fascinate me. both the pole textures and the attachments we human beings string and tack and nail to them. and then what is left when those signs come down too. some poles have hundreds of pins and staples and screws and so on, in a single foot of pole section. it’s like a history of attachment devices. and then again clouds or a day moon between wires. or birds in flight between bowing wires become like a musical notation in the sky. a music sheet of wires with bird notes. ha. yeah. wire and related relationships. fascination. and fun. when we can look and see it. fun fun. and then of course cat lore is an entire book subject. ha. fun again. aloha.


    1. Dishing, I use a Mac so iPhoto has a re touch button. You just click on the color you want and drag it over where you need something changed…If you don’t have a mac??? I don’t know. Photo shop?
      good luck Glad you like the wires.


  4. I agree, most of the time wires in photos are a pain. But your first photo instantly started mind my thinking and wanting to follow all the wires through their tangles and out to follow their story right to the end – find out where they go and what happens there.


    1. Another lovely essay on wires! What fun we are all having with them! They certainly are leading our imaginations to new and exciting places!
      Thanks for the follow and the comment.


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