Wildflower Bread’s Garden

1-Fordo a garden protector who seems to be enjoying himself
1-Fordo a garden protector who seems to be enjoying himself
2-Quick did you se the rabbit?
2-Quick did you se the rabbit?

I didn’t. t was so focused on the flowers and shadows that I I missed him until I reviewed my pics. Nice surprise!

3-Arbor details
3-Arbor details

took this just to document how the garden’s arbor path was put together but it turned out quite interesting in B&W.

arbor path
4- the arbor path
3-Garden mix
5-Garden mix

Do they still have the seed packets called Garden Mix?

Which image strikes your fancy today?

Wildflower Breads is a West Sonoma County institution. Let them tell you about it:
Words from their wed site:

“features brick oven baked sourdough breads, scones, biscotti and coffee drinks. Working with a wood fired brick oven we produce beautiful hard crust breads that our customers come from miles around to taste. At 8:30AM we open with 4 breads only, our sticky bun, cheese fougasse, goat flat bread and either the Bohemian (apricot, orange and pecan) or the Egyptian (pear, fig and candied ginger) and 1 or 2 out of 4 or 5 daily kinds of our whipping cream scones which have become a daily sellout with flavors like apricot, white chocolate, ginger or double chocolate, espresso, hazelnut. Visitors are welcome to wander in our garden. Located just beside the bakery, it features herbs, vegetables and flowers.”

Hungry Yet? We brought home goat cheese and scallion bread. Every traveler by car, on bike, or on foot stops at, what is most often referred to as Freestone Bakery.  Worth a trip to Sonoma County…to California…to USA.

For more West Coast wonders see Lens and Pens post on Marin Headlands.

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19 thoughts

  1. Dear Carolisle,
    today I chose to experience this week’s Artist Date by staying at home
    (a current Yod aiming at Saturn in my fourth house).
    For creative excitement I decided to visit some blogs of very creative people…
    and I got your blog with the beautiful hummingbird-visiting-flower header in mind.
    This garden is quite unique! Wishing you a wonderful water trine


    1. I just returned the hummingbird to the header for the summer. Thrilled you stopped by. Nice to be remind of the steps of the Artist Way…Are you doing the morning pages?
      The current Cancer Sun is lighting up everything 4th house sounds like you are paying attention to the sky picture.
      Many Blessings


      1. Happy about the returned hummingbird… I write morning pages for more than 3 years now, they really proved to be very useful.
        Yes, my attention is ‘out there’ 🙂


  2. I like the Arbor path. It is unique. But let me say this about the first photo . . . . it sure looks like our neighbor. lol



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