Rose Hips
Rose Hips for beautiful skin

 It’s Wonderful When Thing Works

The scar from my hip surgery was bothering me and the woman at the natural pharmacy suggested, among other things, rose hip oil. Since I have a lovely crop of rose hips in my garden I thought that just might work. Indeed it did soften and smooth the scar on my hip.  “Herbs that resemble various parts of the body can be used by herbalists to treat ailments of that part of the body” states the Doctrine of Signatures dating from the time of ancient Greeks. Here’s a modern Blog to tell you more  about The Law of Signatures. I came by all this wisdom this week as I read the newest book by Elizabeth Gilbert the “Signature of All Things”

Great read for mind and spirit. FYI she also wrote Eat, Pray, Love.
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7 thoughts

  1. Carole, did you “make” the oil with your own garden’s rose hips, (hips= how appropriate 🙂 ) or did you buy it? If you made it, what did you do to make that? I hope the scar feels better soon. How’s the walking?
    I just went and read a review of “The Signature of All Things.” It sounds like a wonderful book!


  2. I don’t advocate throwing all medicines away, but I do think these historic, herbal remedies are fascinating!


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