Lammas August 1 and 2 : First Harvest, Blessing of the Grain, Bread or Loaf.  In the northern hemisphere the days are getting shorter. It’s a day when we stop to reflect on what has grown in your life so far this year. These are a few images of my harvest.
Also, note my new Flag Counter below the comments. I was inspired to fit my blog out with one when I noticed someone had visited from the Isle of Man and thought: How rare this should be celebrated.
Happy Nurturing Thursday What are you harvesting?

Thank you Becca Givens for creating Nurturing Thursday

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10 thoughts

  1. What luscious harvests for yourself and loved ones. I am not familiar with Lammas — so of course, I checked with “dr google” — very interesting to learn of different celebrations and reasons behind them!! Thank you for linking to Nurturing Thursday!


  2. Makes me think of the huge garden Dad had at Tonkawa. All kinds of veggies, cherry trees, peach trees, apple trees and etc. Guess that is why this time of year is so special to me. Enjoy all of that. We have too much shade in our yard, but have onions and tomatoes. Then there is the farmers market . . . . .



  3. Sadly, all we are harvesting is interesting red lettuce and lots of Italian parsley along with a few other herbs which survive in pots around the door. We have a few tomato plants in a makeshift greenhouse, but don’t have any expectation of much in the way of fruit.


  4. We have to harvest our plums, before they fell off the tree. Unfortunantely our herbs were all eaten by the snakes without a home, but Granny will sow new seeds and stay positive 🙂 We love the artichoke 🙂


  5. The artichoke is amazing! I have two trees laden with yellow plums, which will be ready to harvest soon ~ you’ve inspired me to post some photos when I’ve picked them. I’m on the Isle of Wight, off the south coast of England ~ is that rare too? 🙂


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