Phoneography Nature Challenge: Turkey Talk

The Visitors

photo 2

1-Do You Think anyone home, George?

1-You look just fine Mildred

2-You look just fine Mildred

photo 3

3-If everyone’s here I’ll knock.

photo 1

4-It’s safe we can make a break if we go NOW! or Let’s try next door.

There is a family of at least 8 turkeys that wander up and down our street. I can hear them chatting with one another long into the night. I captured them visiting our neighbor’s house one morning. I added my own dialog to the photos. Like on the back page of The New Yorker feel free to create your own caption.
This posted in connection with Lens and Lens and Pens Nature Challenge. Wild turkeys qualify as nature Don’t they?
Oh and I’d love to know which photo you like.


20 thoughts on “Phoneography Nature Challenge: Turkey Talk

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  2. I think they look rather funny β€” like people sizing up a house and whether they should buy it or not. We stay near a pheasant farm so often have pheasants wandering around. They have little road sense and tend to misjudge how long it takes to walk/flap across the road. Oooph! What a mess they can make of the front of a car!


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  4. You are so lucky! Aren’t they the funniest creatures. Of course they qualify as nature! I am surprised they are so comfortable in an area that is not rural – that is where I see them around here (well, not SO close around here). When I was a kid there were peacocks in my neighborhood and they would go strolling every now and then, but they actually belonged to someone.


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