We Are Made of Stardust
We Are  Stardust

What If

We are really made of of invisible particles
spinning around each other?
What if
We may not be as solid as we think?
What if
We are made of Peace,
Loving Kindness and
Knowledge that we are Stardust?

It seems like a good time to rework a post from last August. Perhaps an antidote this week’s news.
Who is ready to sparkle?

Go to http://youtu.be/SsGDiYlMFuk whole song We Are Stardust.
When I get up and dance I feel sparkly How about you?

Happy Nurturing Thursday Go there to see  Cauldrons and Cupcakes six week Kindness Challenge

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9 thoughts

  1. What if . . . how many times have we said that in our lifetime? I like the “what if . . we are made of peace, loving kindness and knowledge”. I think with what is going on in Fergison today we need that!! I don’t want to get a a soapbox, but . . . do you remember how, thru our eyes as kids, how “great” things were? Probably wasn’t that way for our parents, but as kids – gee. Things seemed so simple and nice. I don’t like what is happening in the USA right now. Makes me want to go back and be a kid again. lol
    Anyway, I really liked your post today Carol.



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