More from McClure's Farm
More from McClure’s Farm Point Reyes
Fence at Farm
Fence at Farm Point Reyes

Everything at the farm is a little off plumb and level because it’s near an earthquake fault. We didn’t even feel yesterday’s tumbler here in Albany, Napa is about is about 40 miles North. But everybody else I know felt some shaking. Even if I didn’t feel it there is an eery sense of “before and after” like there was after the big one in ’89.
Still a little off kilter Palm tree at Mexican Restaurant Yesterday

Looking up at palm tree from my seat at Picante
Looking up at palm tree from my seat at Picante


Readers in California did you feel yesterday’s quake?

Everyone let me know which photo you like?

Here’s hoping the ground stays firm beneath your feet.
Posted for Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Street Photography (San Francisco’s Street Life)



17 thoughts

  1. Fantastic photos!!! I especially love that second one, great perspective and texture.
    We just moved to Pleasanton Friday…the quake was a nice little welcoming touch we thought 🙂 We felt the first jolt, then swayed for quite a bit.


    1. My friend in Pleasant Hill was really shaken up! What a rousing welcome to the East Bay for you 🙂 Hope it’s the only one for a while.
      So happy my peak-a-boo fence picture stood out.
      Happy Monday


  2. I’m glad you all didn’t get any damage. The two areas that we are having, almost daily, here in Oklahoma are about 35-45 miles from us. Have felt a couple of them. But . . . we feel the bombs almost daily at home that they detonate at the ammunition plant. They shake everyones houses for miles around. Always starts at about 11:00 a.m. Might as well be an earthquake. Gee
    Neat pictures Carol.


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    1. I really thought about the fence photo, trying to capture something rare about that place. There was a guy with a big SLR taking almost the same pictures as I was. So glad it works when I step away and really LOOK for the unusual!
      Happy Monday to You.


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