Detailsl I was surprised to see the little beetle on the tiny blossom outside my front door. When I looked into the screen I thought I was just taking a flowers. I took the one shot then cropped as close as I could but still keep the details without pixilating. Wow look at the pollen in the petals!

Variety of Color I experimented with using the simple color editor. Please click on any image to enlarge then click-through to watch how the blues change then disappear. I’m totally fascinated I hope you are, too.Oh and the seed pods explodes.
You’d think I was in love with my new iPhone but the jury is still out. The size makes it awkward to hold and I’m having a hard time dealing with the lack of memory. It could be the fact OS8 takes up so much and leaves no room for my photos I like to keep on my phone to edit later or just to have to share

Anyone who has upgrade to the new iPhone Let me know what’s your take?

Everyone what images do you prefer?

Lens and Pens creator of this Weekly Challenge shared lovely and magical doors take with her iPhone 4s.


24 thoughts

  1. I’m pleased that you’re experimenting with your new iPhone. “They” say the Plus is better because of stabilization. How have the more distant images been? The colors are sharp. I await the arrival of my new iPhone 6. The size seems better for me. We’ll have to compare. Happy Photo Challenge.


    1. Thanks for the question. I took a photo of the Bay from high atop a hill and for the first time the fog bank was clear (so to speak) without cropping. And I took pictures of a performer on a stage at some distance,so I had to zoom in and they all were totally in forces. A little grainy of course.
      I also like reading and writing on the big almost tablet size. My hands seem to be adjusting. I’ll give a couple of more days. You know you get 14 days to change from the Apple store.I look forward to hearing your report on the 6.
      Happy Monday


  2. I don’t have a new iPhone but am happy with the 5S. Since I just got in less than a year ago, I won’t be getting a new one any time soon. But I’ll be interested to hear how you like yours.



  3. That is great definition. I’m still using a 4 – the camera could be better, but I am not changing for a while. The camera on my iPad, however, is MUCH better.


  4. Good pictures Carol. I’m impressed!! I have the iphone 5S and have been happy with the pictures on it. Just don’t use it enough. Guess I’m still kinda old school and not using my phone as I should. Have taken several close-ups with mine though and their great. Know the iphone 6 is better though.



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