Inverness California
Czech in an a Scottish named town, Inverness California

I took this picture in California for all my friends in Czech Republic. Hope the rest of the world enjoys it too.

How many horses do you see?
IMG_2479If there aren’t many people in the restaurant, Vladimir himself will come to your table and tell you his life story; about he skied over the mountains to escape the Russians. So look for this sign on your way to Point Rays.

Weekly Photo Challenge Signs

15 thoughts

  1. How fun. I am sure your friends in the Czech Republic enjoyed seeing their cuisine enjoyed in another part of the world. I went to Prague a couple of times and enjoyed both visits.


    1. Yes Prague is beautiful. I was able to walk on the famous St. Charles bridge. Legend says making a wish to the statue of St. John Nepomuk is bound to come true. I think mine may have. 😉


  2. It´s great foto Carol….I can´t believe my eyes…Czech welcome, czech flag,…it is a pity that we did not know about him when we were in SF..:-)
    it´s nice you still remember us from small Evropa republic ( because of czech students I know … :-)) ), and that some people from big America know we have very nice town Prague…It´s great..


  3. Interesting Carol. Did you know there is a Czecb community in Oklahoma?? And the name of it is Prague. We go thru it every time we go to Yale. They have an annual festival also. Prague is about 60+ miles south of Terlton.



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