Be Aware!

Something old and no longer of use is leaving?
Perhaps something new and inspiring will be revealed?

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16 thoughts

  1. This is marvelous — and very apropo for me leading into this weekend. I am leaving for a 3 day energy retreat — I am ready for the old to depart and more blue sky to envelope me!! I love Autumn and all the changes that usually occur within!! 😀


  2. Yes, having more sky is a good way to look at it! The willow hedge that’s featured in my post for today leaves my backyard with a bright open feeling after it drops its leaves, while also giving plenty of cool shade in the summer. 🙂


  3. No extra sun yet in Oklahoma. Trees are still full and green. On our way to Yale this week we saw some signs of trees that were turning up around Hennretta. They will all start to turn in the next week or so. I love fall with the beautiful colors. This is going to be an exceptional year in eastern Oklahoma. Then . . . we’ll have that extra sun. lol



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