Down Mosher
Looking Down Moeser Ln toward the Golden Gate Bridge 43 miles away

November’s single
tree of yellow marks the road to winter.
Today I admire the horizon
How do I bridge the distance
from here to the Golden Gate
of Summer 43.7 miles away?
Carol Carlisle

More than one site suggest Fall foliage as photo prompt. Cee’s Bark or Leaves prompt  asks for any colored leaves. In The San Francisco bay Area it’s  hard to find any big show of color, thank goodness for street trees Ginkgo and Liquid Amber Maples otherwise we wouldn’t know what time of year it is. I have photographed this lone ginkgo tree on the side of the of the this steep hill above the bay for many years. It has become a touch stone marking the change of season.

What makes the seasons for you?

Double dipping into Weekly Photo Prompt Descent

and Margo Rody’s What Then Poetry prompt

11 thoughts

  1. I also love your interpretation of then what…and the perspective of this image…the depth is striking and the Ginkgo tree’s stunning! My neighbor has one across the street and I have been admiring it…it just dropped it’s leaves yesterday.


  2. I like the golden tree with the Golden Gate. I think autumn is the time that the trees with their brilliant leaves give back the sunshine they absorbed all summer.

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