Turkey Hood Ornament
Turkey Hood Ornament

Weekly Photo Challenge Minimalist: ask for a simple subject photographed in an interesting way. If you have been following me you will already know there are wild turkeys on my block: WELL this was a very “simple” turkey. He was eating grass with his flock on the parking strip when the rest of his brethren strolled off down the middle of the street. Again not too bright. This smart fowl didn’t notice where his friends had gone and walked straight into my car and stood there for the longest time not knowing which way to go. I didn’t help at all I just kept taking pictures through the windshield and laughing. I like this one because it shows the lights on the dashboard, I hope you do too.

Not the wild animal photo where your trapped in the car by a hungry bear or mountain lion but it’s my big game photo 😜

Happy Weekend Everyone!


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