1-"Here's Looking at You Kid" Two yoked egg
1-“Here’s Looking at You Kid” Two yoked egg
2-Edward Hopper-ish Fancy Food Truck at Night


I used to sit in the cafe of existentialism,
lost in a blue cloud of cigarette smoke,
contemplating the suicide a tiny Frenchman
might commit by leaping from the rim of my brandy glass.
Billy Collins ~

3-Is this What We Look Like?
3-Is this What We Look Like?

Lens and Pens Street Photography and more inspired this odd collection of Black and White photography and poetry today.
What makes sense to you?

Sorry I’m late posting the Pingbacks I always have to run off to writing group on Mondays.
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15 thoughts

  1. Maybe odd, but they are engaging. How often do you find a double yoke? And enjoyed the way the light gave us a peek inside the diner’s innards. And our obsession with technology–yep, it’s pervasive. A set of images with much subtext. Happy Photo Challenge.


    1. First the cage free organic eggs we buy will go through spells of double yoked eggs. You can tell which ones they are because they longer then the rest.
      I have to admit I really like the diner photo. I took several until I got one where you can see the cook.
      The woman stood for half an hour taking photos with while her kid fussed in the car…Oh technology!
      So many stories so little time,
      Happy Monday 🙂


  2. Great entries! I love the diner shot the best, though that egg yolks is might interesting (I immediately thought of Phantom of the Opera). And that quote…love, love, love it!
    Thanks for the pingback!


  3. Great shots!! B&W really works on the imagination. Put the egg yokes at the bottom of your screen only showing the eggs from the bottom of the yokes up. When I first saw it come up on the screen I thought . . . what kind of dog is this with eyes that big?
    The diner shot is fantastic. Good job Carol.



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