Cactus flower
1-Into the Center of a Cactus flower
Cactus Flower

Christmas Cactus fallows
The season imperative,
blooming an early December morn
I have images of this blooming cactus
on both solstices: Summer and Winter.
Today it added another color to my plain garden
gathering a green mantel round its shoulders and shivers.
A shooting star burning too bright, too fast, too soon
The return to life’s as promise must wait
the tilt toward dark still skies
must be completed, then
and only then,
we are free to
Light fires, ring bells
and wish one another
A Merry Yule!

Carol Carlisle
Poem expanded from a few lines on Monday for Margo Rody’s  Holiday’s Tuesday Tryout poetry prompt.

Yellow Mouser’s  Focus cannot be broken

Yes GREEN for winter to be expected, and hoped for in Norther California gardens, and hillsides.

Hope each and everyone had much to be grateful for this weekend!

Tell me what you think.

I have more question for you my Phoneographers: I will begin teaching a Beginning Smart Phone photography class at the Albany Senior Center starting in January and I would love to pick your brains (if I may) my talented smartphone photographer friends.

1.What would you like to learn if you to learn if you were just starting out to take photos with your new phone?
2.What did you learn that was the most help?
3.How is phoneogrphy different from camera photography?

Oh Dear that’s a lot to ask  but any thoughts would be helpful, Thank YOU!
And any local folks are welcome to join or come by to join in our photo safaris just let me know.


For Lens and Pens




18 thoughts

  1. Each image of the cactus flower shows its delicacy against the delicacy of the raindrops. They’re lovely. Congratulations on your upcoming class. I’d suggest that you emphasize that equipment does not make a good photographer. I’d show examples of well-know photographers (regardless of the camera they used), and they can get an idea of what masterful images are. Even seeing great paintings teaches you how to see what is before you. The native camera is not the best to use, but it does give you opinions like panorama. Maybe you can introduce an app that helps to increase the power of the phone’s camera. I suggest Camera+. Happy Photo Challenge.


    1. First glad you liked the flowers in the rain. Thanks for the well considered suggestions…I agree with camera+ for sure! I will use your quote equipment doesn’t make a good photographer…Have you seen they use smart phone images in National Geographic?


  2. Love the drops on the flowers and the cat is a good catch. In addition to what Sally mentioned, I’d probably cover things I talked about in my posts on iPhoneography tips and also emphasize that learning to see is so important. Good photographers can get good photos regardless of the camera.



    1. Learning to see is so important…I am hoping to get my folks past being afraid of technology many are still scared of turning on their tablet…Maybe looking for beauty will help them forget their fear.
      thanks Can you direct me to your posts on tips.


  3. Hallo Carol…beautiful flower in the rain….now we have everything under ice..
    And congratulation to your oportunity to become a photo teacher..If I would be your student I would like to know how to look at the object to make the best photo..Happy rainy days..:-)


  4. Great photos. I just love your cat one. I would say the first lesson would be, to have the phone on you at all times. Secondly it is the person taking the photo that is important, not the camera. They are the ones who are seeing around them. It is about developing an eye for interesting shots. And don’t forget editing apps as well. Just by playing with apps even soso images can really come alive and boost peoples’s confidence as well. Hope you get what I mean. 😀


    1. I’m thrilled with the wisdom I’m getting..I’ve taught art many times but this is my first venture into photography teaching but I’m beginning to feel confident thanks to all the Phoneographers Thank YOU!!!

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  5. My favourite line [which I had copied before seeing Debi’s! — she and I seem to have similar tastes]: A shooting star burning too bright, too fast, too soon.

    The cat!

    Re your course, you might consider posting about it each day [how many days/hours is it?].


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