Pinhead sized mushrooms in deck crack
1-Pinhead sized mushrooms in deck crack Sunday
Stand of Mushrooms Today
2-Stand of Mushrooms Today
3- Mushrooms Up Close
3- Mushrooms Up Close

Moved a flower-pot on the deck after a rain and found these beauties growing in a crack. The husbands worried about rot while am documenting their growth.  I’ll get out the mushroom book later today to find a name for them, for now I’ll guess umbrella mushrooms.

All taken with iPhone 5s 2 and 3 native camera.1. in Camera+

Which image pops up for you.

Lens and Pens


not part of the challenge but Just snapped this sunrise
not part of the challenge but just snapped this sunrise



21 thoughts

  1. Wonderful find, these small delicate morsels of nature do intrigue. Like the composition and perspective of the first image: the juxtaposition of the mushrooms’ textures against the grains of the wood. Happy Photo Challenge.


  2. Have you ever eat any fresh “picked” mushrooms? Always a lot out at the farm and they are pretty good when fried. That’s the only way I’ll eat them. Need to be sure they are not “toadstools” though. lol



  3. Great mushrooms! I love the first photo with the texture of the wood. I think our husbands deserve an award of some kind for the things we do to get photos, and our differing opinions of a situation where we see beauty and they see rot 🙂


    1. How did I miss this great comment, Sorry Angeline….Yes my husband is very patient with my photography. He has even learned to pull over for sunsets. Sometimes he points out things I might like to take. Maybe his reward will be his very own smart phone from Santa.
      Oh yes thank your for your kind and descriptive words.
      I hope your daughter is better.


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