Ribbon of light
Ribbon of light

I took my Smart Phone Class to Tilden Native Plant Garden last week in the early afternoon. I knew It would not be optional light for photography but we had to work within our scheduled class time. Each student, at one time or another, came to ask me what to do because it was too bright to see to take the picture. My answer “was take it anyway!” the good thing about smart phone cameras is you don’t have to make any adjustments so you can just shoot toward what interests you.. I know we all wanted to get the bit of water in the stream, this is my shot from the bridge.I wanted the swirling water. It will be interesting to see how they solved this problem.

Drawing in the light
Drawing in the light

Black or white tells a dramatic story for both of these images, I do believe it saves the day when shooting blindly into the light.
What are your thoughts?

I recently finished the 5 Day Black and White Challenge go here to see all five of my images. Love to hear what you think.

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10 thoughts

  1. Keep it up Carol! The first shot reminds me of some B&W shots I took of some rushing waters downstream from our small lake here as it overflowed. The patterns of the water were really interesting. Good memories.



  2. I love the abstract quality of the first photo, and love the second one for its serene feel. I also shoot blind into what I want a photo of even if I can’t see the screen because of glare. Usually gives me what I want!


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