What stations do turkey tails get ;)
I wonder what stations do turkey tails pick up?  😉

I seem to be going to the birds. Yesterday was flamingos and today it’s turkeys. These big birds are all over the neighborhood I’ve stopped taking photos of them but couldn’t resist this one showing off on my roof befriending the satellite dish. And it is perfect for Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge as well as Weekly Photo Challenge Orange


20 thoughts

  1. Do you get better reception with a turkey tail dish and the regular dish? What if they mate? Would you be able to get reception everywhere the turkey went? OK, I’ll stop now, but it’s hard!



  2. Well, after thing about it, I’m sure glad they are YOUR turkeys and not ours. Don’t think I would enjoy hearing a bunch of gobbles all the time. lol
    Really fantastic shot though.



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