Working Girl Blues Concert Photos

T. Sisters and Melody Walker
1. T. Sisters and Melody Walker
T. Sisters and and Laurie Lewis
2-T. Sisters and and Laurie Lewis
3-t Sisters with Laurie Lewis
3-tT. Sisters with Laurie Lewis

Home Made Album Cover

4-Album Cover
5-Album Cover Camara+ Has frames and Text

I met a professional concert photographer at a party who told me how much he didn’t like smart phones and only used Photoshop to edit. Of course when I was at Ashkanaz, a small 1970-ish club, for this concert,  I had to see if I could capture some images on my iPhone. I was in the back left zoomed in using Camera+ and Manual apps. I’m proud of how they came out.

Let me know what you think

For Sally’s Lens and Pens

Just now getting back to adding other entries from this week’s challenge: Please check them out.


14 thoughts

  1. I like the way the women are put in the spotlight with contrast and tones making them pop. It’s particularly hard to shoot in low lighting with a Smartphone. Camera+ does amazing feats, as your images show. Usually zoom becomes grainy, but these worked. Happy Photo Challenge.


    1. You know I only zoomed half way and then cropped. I have tried concerts before but this was the first time I was able to get good shots, partly because of the small venue and they had good lighting. I saw others take ing smart phone photos and shaking their head’s and quitting… Yeah Camera+ !
      Happy Monday


  2. I love the sepia also, it seems to bring out the faces more. I would have hated talking to the photographer at the party, not sure I could keep a civil tongue in my head. And you should be proud of these photos, they’re great!


    1. A little wine may have mellowed my attitude. Also we talked about photo history. We smart phone photographers are pushing the boundaries which is threatening to some. I showed him a few pics and he had to admit they weren’t half bad. Big compliment huh? 😉

      I think he was willing to learn

      Yea sepia!


  3. Not sure you will see this reply because I’m about a week behind. Love the B&W photos. Just amazing what a phone can do. I have been taking more pictures with my iphone. Gotta figure out how to use it more though. The iphone sure beats that Argus C3 I had back in the 1950’s. lol
    Wonderful shots Carol.



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