Weathered Oak
Weathered Oak
Turkeys among Eucalyptus
Alasken Yellow Cedar
Alasken Yellow Cedar

When we put our deck in, 20 years ago, we researched sustainable wood, at that time Alaskan Yellow Cedar seemed to be the best choice. It sure has weathered beautifully.

How To Get Rid of The Beep-Beep-Bop

How To Get Back to Classic Creator:As I mentioned last week I couldn’t get back to Classic Post creator-I Jumped through hoops and ran around in circles and finally got  Wordpress to tell me how to stay on Classic Post Editor. You have to  go Site Admin on the left drop down. The only thing I could find there for creating a new post was old saved incomplete posts that I just erase and re-use. AKWARD!! But at lest I get what I need. Almost… sometimes when I save and view post it goes back to Beep Bop Page. 

Hope This Helps.

Any Questions? Any Ideas?

Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge


10 thoughts

  1. Looks a lot like some of the areas and trees in S.E. Oklahoma. Beautiful. Used to like walking in the woods, but just not able to now.



  2. Alaskan Yellow Cedar is terrific wood. My son had a jungle gym (?) play structure made from this wood that lasted for years. I love your turkeys!


  3. Cool processing on the first photo! I HATE the Beep Beep Bop!!! I always use the Classic editor and this is how I get to it: When I sign in it takes me to the Reader page. From there I click on “My Site” in the top left hand corner. Then I click on “WP Admin” in the left hand column. This opens a new window. Then I hover my mouse over “Posts” (in the left hand column) and it will bring up a drop down menu. I click on “Add New” and I am good to go! Hope this helps.


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