1-City Garden
1-City Garden

Edited in Snapseed to smooth out, soften and blend the light.

A walk with friends though Oakland’s Lakeside gardens became a photo safari. It was noon but the filtered light allowed for plenty of interesting photo ops. We felt like we were in a secret hidden garden but looking through an opening in the trees we could spy a high-rise from downtown Oakland very nearby.


I took the ordinary looking garden St.Francis photo: cropped it then used a dark Snapseed filter to give him the gravitas he deserves .

Face in the Palm

3-Palm Trunk
3-Palm Trunk-Phototoaster edit.

In the palm garden it was difficult to stand back far enough to get a good shot so I obeyed my own rule: move in close. I called out to my friends “look there’s a face. Much discussion and exclaiming followed. I’ll leave any identity to your own imagination…

Bonsai Garden

4-Crave in the Bonsai Garden
4-Cherry Above Crane in the Bonsai Garden

There were 1,000 year old trees in the Bonsai Garden, but taking any artistic photos was out of the question in the bright noon sun.  Must go back in the late afternoon. The Twisted Cherry and Crane  were taken and slightly edited in iPhone 5s native camera.

As always love to hear what you think. (is my new dress on the blog too busy?)

Sally’s Lens and Pens Editing and processing for week 5.

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19 thoughts

  1. Absolutely great photos! I especially like the first one, looks like a tropical secret garden to me and the light is lovely. I’m going to have to check this place out!


    1. I hadn’t been there in years. It really is a secret garden hidden in Oakland. Google Oakland Lakeside Garden.
      Wasn’t sure the first photo came out until I looked at it later.
      Thanks you.
      Happy Monday


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