1-A spray of Rhodies welcomes Spring
Poppies by the Bay
2-Poppies by the Bay

Capturing the expanse of the Bay with the City in the background is a fascinating challenge,  This week the poppies were in full bloom on an old stone structure which made a startling foreground for the Bay and the City. “Don’t zoom-crop crop later” I tell my class and myself when photographing big spaces.

City poppies
3-City poppies

Same image cropped and painted.



A rare sight in these parts…I think Governor Brown should’ve declare a water shortage sooner, as soon as he did it rained I’m sure there is a connection.

Easter Feet
5-Easter Feet

Damp pavement didn’t stop the egg hunt…

For Sally’s Lens and Pens

Love to hear what you think…


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23 thoughts

  1. These are magnificent, Carol! This is the second time today I’ve read not to zoom, to crop later, and this is something I have to tell myself over and over again. I still haven’t learned the lesson. You’ve made an impression on me with your wonderful photo of the poppies, and maybe now I’ll remember better.


    1. I was saying that to my students as I took that picture. It must have come through. Photography is a craft that need to be practiced, there are so many things to learn. I STILL have to MAKE myself shoot from different angles!
      Those poppies really were putting on a show that day, wishing us
      Happy SPRING!


  2. Great pictures Carol. Our plants and trees are in full bloom now so I did get out and take a few pictures. Hopefully in the next couple of days I can TRY and send you some. Hope to get you a good picture of our Redbud tree. Sure pretty. (do you remember that the Redbud is Oklahoma’s state tree?)



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