Cecile Brunner and stone
Cecile Brunner bud and stone

The roses in my yard are in their full glory this week, A Month too early I wanted to photograph them so that they don’t look like images from a romantic garden catalogue. For this one I chose the the late afternoon light. I put the rose on the window sill next to a small stone I zoomed in with Camera+ even then I still needed to crop to bring the pair close up. This was framed with a vignette.

2-Cecile Brunner Rose
2-Cecile Brunner Rose Toon Camera edit

Old Rose

co kec

These are often called Mary’s rose said to have healing properties. I leave the hips on the plant all year because they are just as dramatic as the flowers.

Brave Bud
4-Winged Rose Bud

I counted 7 rose bushes in full bloom in the backyard this morning. The heat over the weekend opened these buds. A fine show but a little sad they’re like guest that arrive too early for a party, great to see them, but I’m just not ready for them.

Let me know what you think

What is blooming around you?

Sally’s Lens and Pens back East the keeper of the Monday Phoneograpy Challenge is still waiting for Spring blooms.

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26 thoughts

  1. Carol,

    I love what you did with this rose. The first image is my favorite_the soft lighting and glow onn the flower is wonderful.


  2. I like them all, but my favorite is the third one. Wonderful job, Carol. Here there are mostly daffodils and narcissus blooming as well as some small ground cover flowers in the woods.



  3. I love rose #2….beautiful! I was helping my son move into a new townhouse today over the Altamont, and the little patio has several rose bushes in full bloom that are so pretty! The roses are fully opened, and others already spent.


    1. It certainly is a brilliant rose season this year. Hope you got some pictures they will be gone soon. I have a fe repeat bloomers if I’m lucky!
      Happy Photo Challenge Thanks for the freed back 😀


  4. Hallo Carol after long pause….your photos are more beautifull and more beautifull as from professional…it is seen long practise 🙂 …..I like roses very much, but I am not succesfull with planting.. always finish as food for slugs or aphids… Sylva


    1. Hi Sylva, Just took my blog off Facebook for a while. Glad to know your still watching. My house came with roses, They like it here for now but we are running out of water so I don’t know how the roses will handle the drought
      Keep trying with the roses We have stuff called snail-be gone that helps.
      Your English is great by the way 🙂


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