A Night Time Drive Though San Francisco

Corner of Castro and Market
Corner of Castro and Market
Apple Billboard
San Francisco Apple Billboard shot at 20mph with iPhone 5s
From inside the car
Another Apple Billboard shot from inside the car

This is my second posting of the Apple billboards because I am totally fascinated and amazed by them. It seems these are images created by folks just like you and me. A blog friend passed on this WordPress post by a photographer of another one of the Billboards. See Brendan’s work Here.

All of my photos are shot on my humble iPhone 5s.

Tell me, which do you think creates a good image, the device or the eye of the photographer?

Posted in conjunction with Cee’s Which Way Challenge




18 thoughts

  1. I love signs—always have—and your question is very appropriate. I believe that it is the eye of the photographer that makes a good photo, no matter what tool (camera/film/device) they happen to be using. Ω


    1. Can’t agree with you more, Omega Man. I have been debating getting a DSLR camera with myself. Back when I had a Nikon F I stopped using it because I didn’t like luging it around. the iPhone is as close to having a camera strapped to my eyes as I can get. Gee, I do go on.


      1. I know what you mean about smartphone vs DSLR. There are some beauties out there and for me it would be a premeditated act to have to round up all of the gear and accessories, then lug them around all day.

        As it is, I laugh at myself when I “agonize” over whether I should take my Ollo Clip lens and a charger with me when I go out to take photos. Times change and human nature, not so much. Ω


                  1. Thanks for the link, Carol. I have seen some of his videos before. He makes some good points, but goes on & on a bit too much for me. I usually come back a second time and watch when I have more time to pay attention. Ω


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