How Do I Photograph An Office Building the Size and Scope of a Cathedral
The Rincon Center


Since my daughter works at this building I come here once in a while and I always become breathlessly overwhelmed by how to capture what it is like to be in this space. I take a few pictures and stop. Fortunately the last time I was there it was mid afternoon on a Friday when it was empty of people and the light just right. I have yet to capture the amazing and strange 4 story indoor waterfall to my satisfaction, but here it is anyway to complete the tour.

4-Puddle in the middle
4-Puddle in the middle


Let me know if you feel like you have had a virtual tour?

For Lens and Pens

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20 thoughts

  1. Carol, these pics are great! I’ve been to the building and felt like i was experiencing it anew and familiarly. Great shots. I need to have my next class with you at that building to get tips on how to take these kinds of photos. — Lonnie


  2. Nicely captured–number 3 is my favorite, because it’s on a scale that makes me feel as though I am about to take stroll through the long hallway. The monochromatic touch gives it an edge of the unknown with its emptiness and almost alien sense about it. Happy Photo Challenge.


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